30 Days Alcohol Free

Chronicling my day to day experience of quitting alcohol
stay tuned for updates…


Day 1 – I am literally experiencing the worst hangover of my life, I genuinely don’t want to ever drink again.

Day 2 – Friends birthday party, my first social situation without a drink (or 5) to get me through. I’m anxious, I’m stumbling over my words and feeling really disconnected from conversations.

Day 3 – I swear if I have to explain to one more person why I’m not drinking alcohol…

Day 4 – Mentally I’m definitely more irritable at the moment but physically I’m feeling so much healthier already.

Day 9 – I can’t believe I’m almost 1/3 of the way through already, this is going faster than I thought!

Day 18 – I have a confession, last weekend I fell off the band wagon. I was at a winery day event with a group of friends, everyone was drinking and I caved and had a few glasses of wine. Although I wasn’t supposed to be drinking I noted how my attitude towards drinking had changed, I didn’t drink out of necessity to survive a social situation, socially I was feeling very secure when I had my first drink, not only that I enjoyed only a few glasses with friends and easily stopped where I would usually drink more and more and more. Overall yes, I drank when I wasn’t supposed to, but I didn’t get out of hand and I feel proud of that.

(Also, day 18 update… the time has gone by so fast, I’m enjoying not drinking and after the 30 days plan on continuing to not drink unless I’m at an event due to how health my mind and body have felt from it.)

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