What am I doing here?

Thats the big question right; What is my purpose? Why am I here? What is the meaning of my being here? Or any variation of essentially the same question.
Well, my answer to that would be very literal. It’s 2017. Doesn’t every white girl with a mac book (insert witty criticism about white girls using mac books and possibly drinking pumpkin spice lattes at the same time?) have some sort of a blog?

I mean, if you’re not online blogging about the latest vegan cafes, farmers markets, organic wineries and Kayla Itsines fitness routines who is going to take you seriously enough to offer you skinny tea promotional work?

The original idea behind my starting up a blog was to document books that I have read and my reviews of them. Being an avid reader (59 novels last year *brag) I do lose track of what all my thoughts and feeling towards a lot of novels are. Having a space to compile all my thoughts on the books I have read seemed like a great idea, I mean, isn’t blogging just the new age way of keeping a diary? The only difference being that instead of your little brother or sister finding the key you have (ever so secretly) hidden under your pillow and reading your innermost thoughts you’re broadcasting it to the world.
Only on here I won’t be writing my 7 year old crush in love hearts all over the pages. Wait! No, I never did that…

Having recently experienced a tough few years with my mental health and making the commitment to be more open about my experiences with what I am going through on social media, I thought, after such a positive response to sharing the more intimate details of living day to day with a mental illness that I would expand my idea about a book blog to include talk about mental illness and, what the hell; cafe and winery reviews too because as much as we don’t like to admit it, we have to unashamedly nurture that inner white girl in all of us. (because fuck it, if I want to spend an hour writing about Taylor Swift and why Marisa Cooper should never have been killed off of the OC then so be it!)

So, (how do you end a blog post?) to everyone thats (probably not even) reading, welcome, thanks for stopping by and enjoy the ramblings of yet ANOTHER 20 something with a laptop.

*edit hot dog leg photo added to display how truly basic I can be (it’s a culture we need to appreciate and embrace, I’ll talk more about that later…)

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